Black Diamond

Obstacle Course


Nestled on the grounds behind the JCC College Avenue, the Black Diamond Obstacle Course and Fitness Trail is a hidden gem that adds to the most expansive fitness facility in Central Ohio. The 3.5 kilometer course, designed by Fitness Director Jason Goggins, is comprised of over 30 challenging elements in a beautiful, natural setting.

S.1 | E.1 – ROUND 1

The Pack Games kicks off with the first round of eliminations at the Black Diamond Obstacle Course. Competitors go head-to-head to see who will come out on top and advance to round two!

S.1 | E.2 – ROUND 2

Round two of season one takes off with some more obstacle course action! Who will be the victor this episode and make it to the semi-finals?


The semi-finals are here! Competitors have their final chance to make it to the finals and compete to become the Pack Leader. Who will make it to the finals this season?

S.1 | E.4 – FINALS

David Dombrowski & Vinnie Dangerfield have made it to the last stage of the Black Diamond Obstacle Course here in Ohio! Who has what it takes to bring home THE PACK LEADER title?